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These messages included words like Vanessa* wrote in about one man that she had initially had a great conversation with, but later lost interest in when he began to pester her for nude pictures that she did not wish to share.

Although she has since deleted the app due to the overall bad experience she faced with online dating, she remembered his retort word for word because of its sheer viciousness.

Priyal* reported to receiving the classic neg multiple times.

) When she reacted with disgust, he went on to say that she should be grateful he has a fat woman fetish because otherwise she was too ugly for any attention to be paid to her. A few days later, she matched with another guy and it turned out to be the same man with a fake profile.

This is part of the larger pattern of slut-shaming women on dating websites.

Due to the hook-up culture that apps like Tinder are said to promote, there is an inherent notion that women that populate it are ‘easy’ and therefore deserving of overtly sexual, unsolicited language.

Their first reaction is to shame the woman, usually on their bodies and sexuality, as these are the only attributes that these men seem to value in women.

However, body-shaming does not only occur after rejection.

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