Internet dating gone wrong

His wife, who was suspicious, decided to do a little "research" on her own to see what her husband was up to and came up with not only MY emails but emails from 4, yes FOUR, other women!!!

I asked to speak to her personally, and she agreed.

internet dating gone wrong-12

She sent me the emails he sent the other women, and all of us got together through email and by phone and were shocked that this man had conned us all, and did such a good job!

His wife left him and divorced him, I never spoke to him again, but have seen his profile still on the major dating sites, so be warned, he is out there!!

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If it doesn't I'll move mountains to make something work. At my age, 36, I'm looking for the one who I will create a life with...I'm picky.

Today at work I described my night to some of coworkers who were aware I had a date planned. I literally got butterflies from just talking about her and the date. So when I get excited it's a rarity and it's difficult not to think about a future.

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