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This is perhaps why the lack of post-game content Fallout New Vegas - which to me boasts some of the best narrative design in any game - feels like such a missed opportunity.

Yet this abrupt ending wasn't Obsidian's intention.

Funnily enough, Avellone said even Fallout 2's end slides nearly got the chop, thanks to "pushback" against that as well.

"The lead designers thought about canceling that content, but that time, we were able to make it happen," Avellone stated.

There are also variations on these, such as killing Caesar and allowing the Legion to win with Legate Lanius in charge.This includes Securitrons around Freeside, flags and.... Something that did make it to the final version, however, were the game's end slides - which were always part of the plan and remained unaffected by the post-game cuts.Similar to Fallout 2, the original idea was to show the player the slides before allowing them to explore the world afterwards with new content.Post-game content was part of Obsidian's original plan for Fallout New Vegas, and had to be cut mid-development due to time constraints.As a result, plenty of files for the post-game were left floating around for others to find - and fans have long been reading them like tea leaves to guess at what could have been.

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