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A conviction for this crime carries a potential ten year state prison sentence.

The district court had jurisdiction of these charges as well and there is a maximum two and one half year sentence for anyone convicted in that court for intimidating a witness.

The device was removed and Matias was arrested and charged with Witness Intimidation. 268 Section 13B, makes it a crime for anyone to either directly or indirectly threaten, injure, or attempt to do harm to anyone who is a witness to or someone interested in a criminal matter at any stage.

Read Article: statute in Massachusetts is quite broad. The statute also prohibits giving gifts to or in any intimidating such people.

While offenses such as murder, rape, and other crimes of violence do more harm to individuals and to the community, to law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges there are, perhaps, no more serious crimes than those which interfere with the system’s attempt to investigate, apprehend, prosecute, and punish those accused of crimes.

The criminal justice system will tolerate no interference with its efforts to bring lawbreakers to justice.

PITTSFIELD -- A 42-year-old Pittsfield man was sentenced Friday morning to between two and three years in state prison for intimidating a witness after a night of crack-smoking and alcohol swilling in September 2011. Podavini to serve his sentence at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Cedar Junction.

A Berkshire Superior Court jury found Podavini guilty of the charge after about two hours of deliberation on Wednesday.

This occurs before the resolution of a case, not once the case has terminated.

This situation sounds like someone took exception to the dismissal and wanted to keep Matias on his heels.

Kenny, 52, of 149 Washington St., #1, in Peabody was arrested near Main Street on a charge of lewd/wanton and lascivious behavior, subsequent offense after police received a report of an intoxicated man near the public library.

To judges and prosecutors, such interference threatens the very core of the system.

Of course, dishonest law enforcement personnel, including prosecutors, and even judges, often do more to obstruct justice than the individuals accused of such offenses.

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