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She had a background in dance, theatre and performance art. She particularly admired the dance choreography in Bob Fosse's films.

She recalls their meeting: — It's hard to put into words what was going on between us.

Kulttuuri Cocktail interviews Toni Oswald, John Frusciante's partner at the time.

Parts of this story haven't been told in public until now.

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That song is a good representation of our feelings and dreams at that time, especially from a cosmic point of view.

Johnny Depp, River Phoenix, LSD guru Timothy Leary, and a fire that almost destroyed the source materials – the production of John Frusciante's first solo album featured many famed figures and unusual events.

When Niandra La Des and Usually Just a T-Shirt came out in 1994, Frusciante was 24, reclusive, addicted to drugs and painting pictures in his home.

They drank red wine, painted, wrote in notebooks and smoked pot.

On a Red Hot Chili Peppers tour they'd lock themselves in a hotel room and play music together, Oswald on flute and Frusciante on clarinet.

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