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Perhaps if someone other than Michael Copon was cast in the role, he could've found a way to make Felix more compelling.Sure, Felix wasn’t exactly well fleshed-out to begin with, but Copon’s performance never felt believable.That, coupled with the extreme lack of sparks between him and Brooke, gave the character a very lackluster arc overall.The guy was rude, smug and more conceited than he had any right to be.However, it turned out that Julian was there to become a love interest for Brooke instead.

Burton was always able to find the truth in these moments, never veering into melodrama.It’s nothing against the actors cast, but several stars simply failed to make an impression in the part-- or just made one that was memorable for all the wrong reasons.In many cases, the fault was in the writing of the character as well, but perhaps another actor could’ve made all the difference.The character who left at the close of season 6 was very different from the girl we met in the pilot.She was a complex character and Burton’s performance was a nuanced one.

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