Jay byars and chelsea meissner dating

It was actually funny though that she almost started hating Stephenie, since she kept inning food rewards and Lydia never got one.

Most Memorable Moment: Getting mad about food Days 12 to 14 I liked Monica in One World, being on the outs the whole time and having to basically fight her way through until she got blindsided by Colton.

Most Memorable Moment: Well her pushiness comes to mind Days 2 to 24 Coby was definitely one of the odd ones out during Palau, and he is definitely lucky Ulong was so terrible cause I think he would have been an early boot otherwise.

His frustrations with basically everything and everyone, minus Janu, is what made him entertaining.

Most Memorable Moment: Not liking the immunity idol Days 4 to 8 Everything she did seemed to give her a bad impression from everyone else.

Starting with her trying to help with building the shelter cause she was an architect...bossing everyone around.

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She helped bring some life to Solana in the beginning...having really weird conversations with Jefra .He lays around doing nothing at camp, then decides after spending time at Exile he's gonna throw a challenge so his tribe could get rid of Kelley...without even discussing it with anyone.He then tells everyone to vote for Kelley, while she's basically right behind him with a WTF? And then none of the guys are on the same page and he gets sent home .The fact that he basically aligned himself with everyone in the game, yet no one in his alliance tried to get him out is actually kind of funny.Most Memorable Moment: Being the victim of Malcolm's double idol play Days 1 to 15 I found Spencer really adorable, which is why he's not lower in my ranking.

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