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“There was this palpable fear on the TV,” Rivers said of the Golden Globes coverage.“We can’t be so afraid to say, ‘Wow, this is phenomenal.“It’s very hard to hate someone you’ve laughed with. You get more out of things by mixing the serious with the funny.The problem is finding the balance.”Stars, designers, and journalists will strive to strike that balance on March 4 at the Oscars, which last year had almost 33 million viewers. “We’re spending thousands of dollars making custom clothes,” he said.“Designers are not the enemy.”During the Screen Actors Guild Awards, E!

She wore smoky eye makeup, sparkling emerald earrings, a glittering December after learning her male co-host had been paid almost twice what she had.It was awkward, it was on message, and it was great live television as Rancic held a microphone with the E!logo while Messing chastised the network’s record on pay equity.“No one does that!” said fashion designer Christian Siriano—who created Messing’s men’s-wear-inspired look for the Globes, as well as outfits for nine other women at the event—in an interview 11 days after the event. It was so beautiful to watch.”Jen Neal, executive producer of live events and executive vice president of marketing for E!

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    But it most often works in communities that already have overlapping activities like shopping, youth sports or churches, said William Silky, an education consultant who specializes in school consolidation studies.