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In the wake of the Penn State sex abuse scandal, Taylor revealed during a November 2011 appearance on "CNN Newsroom" with Don Lemon her own experience being sexually abused.Taylor has served as executive consultant to NBC News and CNN Worldwide.In 2009, while serving as a consulting producer to CNN, Taylor re-opened an investigation into the Atlanta Child Murders and convicted serial killer Wayne Williams.She was also an executive consultant to CNN's "Black in America", leading the audience tune-in strategy.Delusion implies that there is a deeper mental disconnect happening that perhaps is causing a widespread pattern of self deception, often with very little control involved.

This mild form of self-deception also has the tendency to be short-lived, making it even more innocent.

Wishful thinking seems like a common type of self-deception; everyone wants to believe that they are better at x skill or have more familiarity with y task than is actually true.

When actually believed, this kind of self-deception is often also considered the most innocent.

But Langford is a smart woman who surely knows what she's getting herself into.

Taylor was born in University City, Missouri and raised in East St. Her father was murdered on November 5, 1973 when she was 5, leaving her mother Mary to raise her and her siblings alone. Louis area before moving to Atlanta and graduating from Cross Keys High School in 1986.

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