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(Last week it was hacked, the content temporarily replaced with the words "I hope you fucking die.") The site's recent unveiling was a critical step for the group — like so many marginalized and secretive communities, gay Arabs found solace on the Internet, which allows them to interact, meet and converse while still retaining the crucial element of anonymity.

Christiano Ayoub Ramazzotti, 31, is a small man with big aspirations.Its webmaster is Ramzi Zakharia, a GLAS founder who's originally from Beirut and now lives in New York City.GLAS was founded in 1989, and its Web site (glas.org) began in the mid-'90s."We don't have a lot of lesbians coming out to bars," Ramazzotti says. While they promote AIDS education (at each event they pass out HIV prevention literature printed in Arabic and distributed by ACCESS, although they're not officially affiliated with the group), their primary goal, for now, is social networking and increasing the visibility of gay Arabs."Our long-term goal is to be like a PFLAG-type group," Ramazzotti says, referring to the national organization called Parents Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays.

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