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There is no particularly strong dividing line between terrorists, rebels and large-scale criminal leaders, and one is not necessarily more dangerous to civilians than the other, with terror-like methods being employed even in situations like the drug war raging in Mexico.

What I mean by this is that notions like 'drone strikes should be reserved against terrorists' are rather problematic, as there's not always that much separating Al-Qaida from drug cartels, not to mention various insurgencies, whether their cause is perceived as legitimate or not."This whole drone thing is really a slippery slope"I don't think that's accurate. It's this whole "we can violate other countries' sovereignty and kill our own citizens and those of other countries—all with a total lack of transparency—that's the problem, especially when, as Natsymir mentioned, we arrive at the point where other countries begin to feel they have the geopolitical clout to start emulating the US. Think the CIA arming militants in Afghanistan and Iraq with weapons that years down the line would be used against the US military. Don't for one minute think it's just going to be use to target 'the enemy'. The last season of it where the guy uses the drone and zooms in on the girl on the beach and she removes her top. Not to mention the danger of one of these drones hitting a plane or malfunctioning and hitting a populated area.

Police from China, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand cooperated on the Naw investigation but were hampered by the overlapping laws of each country.

Out of those arrested, nine are believed to be illegal immigrants belonging to Myanmar and another arrested is Paritha Begum – the wife of certain Mohammed Mohideen, who hails from Tamil Nadu.That point, for now, is moot as Naw Kham was apprehended in Laos in April 2012 and then extradited to China.Five months later, Naw and several of his associates were tried in Kunming on charges of murder, drug trafficking, kidnapping and the hijacking of ships.The arrest in Moreh was made on Sunday following a tip-off received by SP (Tengnoupal), which led to the interception of two vehicles.The police later conducted an inquiry and raided the house of Md Tomba, thereby seizing two laptops, four Aadhar cards, printer, lamination machine, among other goods.

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