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Use a store credit card wisely can help you improve your credit score and qualify for a better card in the future.

A secured credit card is another option for getting a credit card when you don't have the best credit.

Avoid applying for more credit cards to see if you'll get approved.

The more credit card applications you put in, the more likely it is that you’ll get turned down again.

The free credit score will also list a few factors affecting your credit score, e.g., too high balances or too few installment accounts.

Retail credit cards are often easier to be approved for than major credit cards, even if you have a low credit score.

Even if your secured credit card doesn't automatically convert, you may be able to qualify for a regular credit card after using your secured card responsibly for a year.

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If you apply and are approved for a store credit card, you’ll likely start out with a low credit limit.

Fortunately, you can increase your credit limit over time based on your purchases and payment history.

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