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But when the question of love, communication and connection come into play, human resilience shows; the drive for sex, love, intimacy, and association is stronger than the fear of the risks.

Great risks are run through the use of apps – risks which users acknowledge.

For many it’s a question of having access to a community that you’ve been blocked from.

40% of the respondents in our research stated that they use the apps to meet “like-minded people”.

But, sadly it’s not always fun, games and aubergine emojis.

While these apps have become so widely used, they are also being misused and weaponised against communities in high-risk contexts.

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History shows widespread repression and marginalisation of LGBTQ people globally, with limited opportunities for safely connecting, organising, and meeting-up in public spaces. 2014 saw stories about apps being used to entrap gay and trans users in Egypt through geolocation features.

Local groups had been aware of this for a long time, but their calls for action had not been taken seriously enough.

Patterns of arrests and targeting ranged from entrapments – use of fake profiles on social media and dating apps – where an official poses as a user interested in a relationship to build a case against the user – to street checkpoint checks of mobile devices by police and infiltration of groups chats run by LGBTQ groups.

Fear and real risk has driven communities to communicate and socialise online, and more recently on dating apps, where they have created vibrant and resilient hubs of connection.

The apps and platforms being used can put users in real physical danger.

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