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I understand that I was entitled to an extension of time for filing and paying my 2001 income taxes of 195 days (180 days plus the 15-day period that was left before the April 15, 2002 deadline).

This extension period would have expired on March 14, 2003 -- 195 days from September 1, 2002 (my first day out of the combat zone in Afghanistan).

This extension applies to the filing and paying of your son's income taxes that would have been due April 15. Do the deadline extension provisions apply to my husband who is in the United States? The deadline extension provisions apply not only to members serving in the U. Armed Forces (or individuals serving in support thereof) in the combat zone, but to their spouses as well, with two exceptions.

In addition to the 180 days, his extension period will include the 46 days that were left before the April 15th deadline when he entered the combat zone. First, if you are hospitalized in the United States as a result of injuries received while serving in a combat zone, the deadline extension provisions would not apply to your husband.

Most businesses follow regular opening hours in the United States.In addition, any time that remained in the 15-day period when you entered the Arabian Peninsula Areas adds to the new 180-day period when you leave the Arabian Peninsula Areas. Your brother is covered by the deadline extension rules and will not be liable for any penalties if he files and pays any tax due by his extended filing due date. What should be done now that he is in the combat zone? The IRS will pay interest from the April 15 due date on a refund issued to your son if he files his individual income tax return on or before the due date of that return after applying the deadline extension provisions.In determining how much of the 15-day period is unused, treat the 180-day period as being used first. Armed Forces in a combat zone in early January, did not make his fourth estimated tax payment for the year, due January 15. A-28: The IRS office where your son was making payments should be contacted. If his return is not timely filed on or before the extended due date, no interest will be paid on the refund except as provided under the normal refund rules.Does the deadline extension apply to the filing of Schedule H as an attachment to our income tax return? The deadline extension applies to all schedules and forms that are filed as attachments to an income tax return.Q-24: Almost two years ago, the IRS contacted me to collect tax on a joint income tax return I had filed with my now former spouse.

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