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A mirror is flat or curved surface usually produced of glass that has had a reflective coating applied to it.

Mirrors are also used in technology and they are an important component in scientific instruments such as telescopes, industrial machinery, cameras and lasers.

In the sixteenth century, Venice became the centre of manufacture for such mirrors.

A factory for manufacturing mirrors called Saint-Gobain was established in France, but mirrors were still expensive luxuries and only the very rich owned it.

TMJ Media is an internet based company that offers professional mentoring services through production and publication of print, Internet/Social Media and mass media such as public speaking and event organizing that promotes empowerment, inspiration and guidance through life's lessons.The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks were quite fond of mirrors and often manufactured mirrors from polished copper and bronze.Glass mirrors were first produced during the third century A.Metal alloys or precious metals mirrors were very valuable items in ancient times only affordable to the very wealthy.It is believed that mirrors made of metal-backed glass this type of mirror was first produced in Lebanon in the first century AD and the Romans made crude mirrors from blown glass with lead backings.

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