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Take a look at the sample app to see more about how it works.

Download, as ever, from the Cocoa Source Code page.

To accommodate this, I extend NSApplication to offer an identically named property: This method takes advantage of Dark Mode, so it doesn’t have to replicate any of the important, but slightly clumsy “best Match” code either.

Having these convenient methods at my fingertips has been a great aid because it allows me to quickly answer the high-level question of whether an appearance is dark or not, regardless of whether I’m implementing drawing code or making a higher-level semantic interpretation of the application’s user-facing appearance.

Please do read the documentation in the MAAttached Window.h file; it’ll help you get the most out of the class.

The only problem is everytime I “continue,” it reactivates the application and causes my breakpoint to be hit at a spot where I don’t care about it.

I once again come bearing gifts for you: this time it’s MAAttached Window, an NSWindow subclass that lets you visually attach borderless windows to other windows or just to specified points on the screen.

It’s potentially useful for displaying contextual help, options related to a part of your UI, or just for drawing attention to things.

Instead, you use a method on NSAppearance designed to evaluate which high-level appearance it is most like.

If it’s a matter of simply distinguishing between light and dark appearances, you can use something like this: As you can see this is laden with the requisite tests to ensure it works even if the app is running on a pre-10.14 Mac.

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