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According to co-founder Heath Ahrens, he and his colleagues were frustrated with wasting time on Tinder, scrolling though profiles of people they didn’t find physically attractive.

To combat this problem, they created an app that helps you identify profiles of users who happen to be your exact physical “type.”Ahrens argues has the potential “to streamline the dating process.” The app asks users to identify their celebrity crushes.

7 TEE fore TWO (uk) This site for golfers has, believe it or not, more male than female members. If you're just looking for a more mature fellow who likes to get a bit of exercise – the membership tends to be over 40 – you could do a lot worse.

8 Dating Direct ( Another industrially massive, utterly straightforward site.

Firstly, there’s happn, an app that uses geolocation technology to track your movements, matching you exclusively with people whose paths you cross.

The premise is to eliminate the inconvenience of an app like Tinder, where a user could swipe right on someone hot, only to realize they live a few too many subway stops away.

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While Ahrens and his team invented their app to save time they otherwise would have wasted Tindering, it has the effect of privileging those people deemed most conventionally attractive.

The acquisition increases Easy Date's current portfolio of dating sites from seven to twelve.

Easy Date has purchased Girlsdate For,, as well as the successful niche dating sites Dating For and Mature uk.

This might leach out whatever romance was left in online dating, but if you trust in psychoanalysis, it's spot on.

10 Loopy Love ( Are you too zany for conventional sites and looking for a similarly off-the-wall lover?

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