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as long as you are able to acquire their services for less than half of what you earn per hour.

That’s according to Tim Ferriss, author of New York Times best-seller and guest lecturer in high-tech entrepreneurship at Princeton University. Founder of two companies, one in pharmaceuticals design and the other delivering over-the-counter sports nutrition products designed for elite athletes in 15 countries, he had cause to invoke the busy executive’s lament.

Valdez emphasizes that they "simply represent clients in their best light while using the most effective methods of self-expression and interaction found for online dating.

We help them put their best foot forward but do not lie on their behalf or represent a substantially different personality." About Virtual Dating Assistants LLC Virtual Dating Assistants LLC offers Virtual Assistant services specialized in comprehensive Online Dating Management for busy male professionals using popular online dating sites.

In this video, Tim Ferriss also shares his thoughts on the importance of having a diversified identity by having queer investments on different fields of interest such athletics or business.

Watch this very engaging interview of the author of the “4-Hour Work Week” and “4 Hour Body”.

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Marketers often lament, “If only I had more time.” Improving your productivity by using something like GTD (Getting Things Done), which I have written about before, will take you part of the way there.

Because online dating was consuming so much of his free time, he experimented with the idea of having his VA, who was already handling a wide range of tasks ranging from paying his bills online to sending emails and rescheduling meetings, manage his online dating accounts.

He developed a systematic process that his VA could follow and, after some fine tuning, she was able to schedule 79 first dates with attractive women within a period of 12 months.

And as the result of a surge of business that the online dating industry has been experiencing since the beginning of the recession, the pools are bigger than ever.

While there are many theories about potential causes for the online dating industry's bull market behavior, the most popular belief is that, during tough times, people of all income levels seek the comfort of another to help them weather the storm.

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