Parents intimidating teachers

While Xers were known as the ‘latchkey kids’ when they were growing up (owing to the fact that double income or single-parent families meant no-one was home to let them in after school), they are raising their kids in the very opposite way. For millennia, generations of parents have set out to give their kids ‘all the things they never had”.So it stands to reason that a cohort like Gen X who were raised in a manner we’d now refer to as inattentive or even negligent are raising their kids with an emphasis (even an over-emphasis) on nurture.Information on Information on how schools and the Department manage your concern or complaint can be found on the Department’s website – see Parent Complaints – Schools.There are complex issues with reporting bullying by teachers, not only for children, but also parents.The real cause of angst may be relationship pressures at home, financial stress and work pressures.Often too, a difficult parent may be unconsciously acting in response to their own experience of teachers when they were a student themselves.Try and ascertain the real backstory of what’s going on for the parent you are dealing with and imagine yourself in their shoes. Re-affirm your common goal The real danger zone in dealing with parents is when the discussion becomes and me vs you scenario.Try and steer clear of any ‘I’ or ‘you’ language and rather keep coming back to the language of ‘we’ – what can we do that is best for the child.

However, if your child is concerned that they may be the subject of bullying behaviours from their teacher, you should always pursue this further as you would with any concern about bullying.Where appropriate, you may first like to discuss your concern with the teacher.Your school should be open to working with you to ensure that the relationships between teachers and students are positive and that any issues of bullying are addressed immediately.What to do if your child complains that an adult is doing the bullying.If your child complains they are being bullied by an adult within the school community, in particular a teacher it's worth considering what might be behind it.

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