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If so, what is the TCP/IP address of the firewall or mail relay?

Examples: o Filtering Firewall Example: Linux Firewall or Cisco PIX with SMTP Port 25 TCP Open and DNS Port 53 UDP/TCP Open. o Mail Relay Firewall Example: IBM Secure Way Firewall.

Power Systems = Internet Mail Server Two separate SMTP connections are made.

The firewall or mail server makes a separate connection to an SMTP Server on the Internet.

On an operating system command line, type the following: DSPNETA Press the Enter key.

Look at the system name defined in the Current system name parameter.

Refer to the IBM Redbooks publication, AS/400 Electronic-Mail Capabilities (SG24-4703-00), for information on IBM i SMTP Server e-mail.

Forwarding Internet Mail Refer to pages 188 and 189 of the AS/400 Electronic-Mail Capabilities Redbooks publication.

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