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Though Rimbaud predated surrealism, he is said to have written in a surrealistic style due to the hallucinatory, dreamlike aspect of many of the poems.A puzzling aspect of Rimbaud's style is his use of foreign words within the French text of Illuminations.Each is intrinsic (we don't know the exact sequence and we don't need to know it)." Within the genres of prose poetry and vers libre, the poems of Illuminations bear many stylistic distinctions.Though influenced by the earlier prose poems of Charles Baudelaire, the prose poems differ starkly from Baudelaire's in that they lack prosaic elements such as linear storytelling and transitions.We all have material that works; sparkling coming-of-age stories about thumb warts exploding on prom dates or thinking your dad is Bruce Springsteen. It means reciting the Paul Celan poem, “Corona,” to someone you’ve gone on a date with, picked up at Snake & Jake’s, or busted out of their halfway house. This poem, in my experience, makes the receiver feel special. But here was a poem that made very different kinds of people say, sing it again, sing it again. He would allude to this survivor’s guilt in the thousands of letters and poems he wrote over the course of his life until, at the age of 49, he died by suicide. But it was hard to resist; I had no idea “Corona” would compel the way it did. And perhaps it had become a stand-in for being known. Also, I had some time on my hands: I was on hiatus from my waitressing job because I had to temporarily wear an eye-patch. This poem is quite different from his defining works like “Death Fugue”—“he looses his hounds on us and grants us a grave in the air”—or “Ashglory”—“the drowned rutterblade / deep / in the petrified oath.” If you’re not familiar, Celan’s poetry is pretty dark.Despite this ostensible controversy, a large number of scholars have declared the order of Illuminations to be irrelevant.Perhaps translator Bertrand Mathieu best distilled the major reasons for this contention: "No single poem really depends on the others or counts on them to achieve its own perfections.

In large part, due to the circumstances surrounding the publication of the poems of Illuminations, there is no consensus as to the order in which Rimbaud intended the poems to appear.An excerpt from her novel in verse, They Wake Up Swinging, can be found in The Seattle Review. Below are all poems written by international poet Aqua Marine. The texts were reprinted in book form in October 1886 by Les publications de La Vogue under the title Les Illuminations proposed by the poet Paul Verlaine, Rimbaud's former lover.In his preface, Verlaine explained that the title was based on the English word illuminations, in the sense of coloured plates, and a sub-title that Rimbaud had already given the work. Rimbaud wrote the majority of poems comprising Illuminations during his stay in the United Kingdom with Verlaine at his side.

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