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Allan and Diana had input on what night Jim and I would be together, and if they also wanted to be part of an evening hang out.Allan, Jim and I have had some wonderful times together playing board games or just sitting around talking, while Jim and I can go out on dates doing things Allan and Diana are not interested in.We’ve been to concerts, or experienced cuisine not part of a usual date night with our spouses.The other piece we have all learned to be sensitive to in our different ways is respecting who’s company you are in right at the moment.He would not want to alienate Allan, or confuse the children by acting in a “parent” capacity.So they think he’s great, and we all enjoy time together, and maybe someday they may ask further about my relationship with him.Plans with Jim and the kids are run by Allan, and he is always invited because they are HIS children.

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Since polyamory involves even MORE people, it is important for couples to establish boundaries and agreements that best suit everyone’s needs. Everyone has to be willing to not only talk, but listen.

If Allan and I are playing a game and a woman he’s talking with sends a message, he’ll ask if I mind if he answers and I would do likewise.

Jim and I may check in with our spouses while out together, but generally our time is just us.

But for now all they need to know is that everyone loves them. Respecting The Time With Each Partner In our little world, there is Allan and I, Jim and Diana, and Diana’s other partner Cliff.

To me, the key to peace and happiness with existing partners is and planning/negotiating what time you spend with others and respecting your partner you’re with at the time.

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