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Watson's correspondence with Seldes is particularly detailed, providing insight into the relations between Watson and his partner Thayer.Letters from late 19, for example, concern the complex negotiations about the publication of Eliot's "Waste Land," while other letters describe the differences in taste between the two editor/publishers.

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Thayer's fear of literary hoaxes sometimes caused Moore difficulties with authors.Ernest Hemingway is represented by two rejection letters for unnamed works.The two folders of Maxwell Bodenheim letters contain much discussion of 's "standards" and Bodenheim's anger over the frequent rejections he received.Books reviewed are similarly listed, with the name of the assigned reviewer.Most of the material in "Office FIles," however, is housed in the eight scrapbooks kept by members of the , while "Paid and Exchange Ads" are those that appeared in other magazines, annotated with the name and issue of the magazine.

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