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I went ahead and selected a girls profile that I liked and kept on doing it for quite some time till the app crashed because of unknown reasons.It kept on happening every time I’d use the app so I guess they didn’t test it properly over different devices or versions of android(mine was android kitkat 4.4.4).Phrase chat (canned phrase choices) assures appropriate multiplayer game behavior for all of our players.Players younger than 13 are limited to phrase chat in public games.In other words I have not been able to figure out the purpose of the app.

Another funny feature they have is the fact that if there be a case where someone who you liked likes your profile too you get a message which if clicked takes you down to an activity screen where you see who liked you back.

If you see someone behaving inappropriately, please submit an in-game report.

In text or phrase chat, press the 'C' key to open the chatbox and type what you would like to say. shows up, that means the word(s) you tried to type are filtered and you should try a different word.

I don’t see any disruptive feature that would make me use the app like how snapchat introduced the feature where chat messages would be deleted after a certain period of time.

So here we are using an app that does not get its app logic right, does not have a proper working locational service, hasn’t been crash tested properly before submitting it to the various stores,lacks the fluidity of an app like Tinder,does not handle customer reviews at all which as far as I could see are all negative(people say the app sucks) and despite of that the management hasn’t done anything to improvise.

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