Rhys ifans dating

Previous flings include notorious ladies’ men Darren Day and Robbie Williams.In fact, Robbie once tried to steal her from Darren.She said: “He’s 13 years older than me, we have our own separate properties and we’re not married.” Their relationship fell apart in 2010, not long after Anna was caught puckering up to hunky actor Joseph Cross — her 23-year-old co-star in the West End production of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.Joseph, ten years her junior, even stayed at Anna and David’s Hollywood home.“Trouble is, with my luck with men, it would probably turn out to be a hovel with a leaking roof and on a donkey.” Anna’s longest relationship has been with Harry Potter actor David Thewlis, 13 years her senior.A divorcee who shared her Lancastrian, working-class back-ground and did not court the limelight, David was different to the usual bad boys she found attractive.From 2011 Anna enjoyed a three-year relationship with Welsh charmer Rhys Ifans, who had previously dated Sienna Miller and was regularly seen with a string of beauties on the London party scene.Last summer she was pictured getting cosy with PR man Robert Condon at a posh tennis event in Buckinghamshire.

"I’ll take that over being 18 and perfect any day.” Anna, who has never married, did once dream of being a bride.They met on a flight to Cannes in 2001 and went on to have daughter Gracie, now 11. David, 54, said when they were together: “I suppose you could say Anna and I are yin and yang.“She’s gregarious, very social, very tactile, very outgoing.” And Anna admitted their relationship was far from conventional.She said: “I feel far more sexy now than I did when I was 18.“I don’t look as good — there are lines and little bulges — but I have confidence, wisdom, knowledge and I don’t care as much as I used to do.

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