Rhys ifans dating kate moss hiliare johnson dating

She is a film-world beauty, an angel with eccentric taste in clothes.

Until now, Miller's PR agents have clung to the line that Ifans is just a good friend of hers and has been sleeping on her sofa because his houseboat has sprung a leak.

He is at every party that matters, from fashion soirees to Kate's mum's 60th - indeed, being a party animal seems to have become a full-time job for him.

" In another interview he admitted: "In my life I have certainly given it a go - as any young man has - living Don Juan moments of sex, drugs and drink for maybe months, seasons, years even." Perhaps this is one of those seasons.In the past few months, they have become an inseparable double-headed party monster, photographed out on the town dozens of times - Ifans larkily groping her breasts for the cameras on one occasion.They have holidayed together in Ibiza, where Miller was pictured sunbathing topless, and spent a weekend in Dublin, where they acquired matching swallow tattoos.At the weekend, after two months of living together at her flat in London, Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans were finally pictured in an indisputable clinch.Apparently overcome by passion while walking her dogs Porgy and Bess in West London, they shared a kiss.

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