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Her love is unconditional and not to be taken forgranted. She's the most caring and considerate woman in the world.Show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino points out that Rory is an independent woman, and her three main boyfriends were largely plot devices to help explore and grow Rory’s life.Yet, the debate rages on; people are Team Dean, Team Jess, or Team Logan.

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Only one of them shows her love in a way that sets her free, always asking for her consent and never expecting her to be more to him than she is to herself.When you hear the name Rori you can be sure the she's the most amazing girl in the world. Sumi: you broke up with ash Simul: yea she's a jackass Sumi: well who you dating now Simul: Rori I'm so glad me and ashlie broke up Sumi: OMG! In typical Netflix fashion, the show revival picks up the story after ten years off air.Over the last year, it has proven to be the most highly anticipated revival Netflix has done to date.One of the biggest buzzes around the show revival is who Rory Gilmore will end up with.

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