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Though delicate to the touch, it's durability makes it last for hundreds of years.

Founded in 1794, Royal Bayreuth has survived a number of troublesome events, including the Napoleonic-Franco Prussian turmoil, two World Wars, numerous changes in management and ownership, and the great fire of 1897 which destroyed a number of important records and molds.

The earliest version was simply a blue cursive "T." It later evolved into a rampant lion holding a T shield. After 1900, it further evolved into two rampant lions facing each other with shields, the words "Royal Bayreuth," "Bavaria" and "Priv. A few incised marks can also be found on exported pieces.

Apparently, the marks continued to change slightly with each new director, but the dating became difficult as they tended to use whatever was on hand that day in the factory.

Today's factory is still in operation but strictly manufacturing fine dinnerware.

The vintage novelty wares have always been the most highly collected.

After a lengthy study, von Humboldt reported to the king that Tettau should be the site of the factory and recommended that Johann Schmidt and Wilhelm Grenier be awarded the permit. Anytime you see the Royal Bayreuth logo, you will see 1794 as the official date of commencement operations.

Dinnerware, dining accessories, coffee and tea sets have been the company's main product line through the years.

The antlered elks have a definite "manly hunting lodge" feel to them as well.There are three distinct finishes as well: linen (tapestry), satin (matte) or high gloss.There is no complete catalog available of all the varieties out there.Several devastating fires experienced by the company during that time destroyed the factory, offices, molds and records which effectively stopped most of the manufacturing of their unique novelty wares (and exclusive finishes) exported around the world.Much of the information regarding their process was forever lost or too expensive to recreate at that point.

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