Scarlett johansson dating sean penn

"He was so cute and sweet and kind, but it would never work because he’s gay," she joked, alluding that they had once been item."I’m not gay, I told you I have a girlfriend," Jost replied, grinning.Johansson and Hartnett split in November 2006, but she wasn't single very long.She was basically in back-to-back serious relationships — two of which ended up in marriage — from that point on.In May 2008, the couple announced their engagement, and by September, they were officially hitched.Sadly, in December 2010, Johansson and Reynolds announced their separation, per E! Over the course of 2011, she reportedly dated Sean Penn for a bit, and spent more than a year with advertising executive Nate Naylor.There have been a lot of guys over the years who luckily or maybe unlucky (depending on how you see it), to have dated Johansson.As far as love is concerned, she hasn’t been really successful, but, she never stops trying.

In May of that year, Scar Jo made a guest appearance on for the very first time.

It's been a little more than two years since they were first rumored to be dating, and now there's reportedly a proposal on the horizon.

They've known each other — casually, at least — since 2006, but the stars only recently aligned.

Neither one of them had publicly commented on the nature of their relationship up until that point, but Jost finally cracked when he was asked about Johansson during the 2017 Emmys."She’s wonderful," the comedian told Over the next few months, Johansson and Jost would be spotted out and about together every now and then.

November marked their first public appearance as a couple, though, when they both attended the American Museum of Natural History Gala.

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