Sedating your dog for a flight

You are flying, your pet is traveling with you in the cabin of the airline, and, unless you have done this before, you have no way of knowing how your pet will travel.The last thing you want to deal with is a howling cat or a wimpering dog for hours until you land.Health certificates are required to be issued within 10 days of your trip and generally cost less than .

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Depending on who you ask, you’ll receive differing answers about whether a health certificate is required to fly.

If your dog is prone to anxiety, you can speak with your veterinarian during this visit to determine if sedatives would be the safest option for your dog.

Your dog will have to travel inside an approved carrier during his/her time in most terminals and for the entire duration of the flight.

Every airline has its own rules regarding the number of pets allowed in the cabin on each flight.

Be sure to check your airline’s website for the list of rules and requirements and contact the airlines with any questions you may have ahead of time.

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