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If you go real late at night I’m almost certain if they like you they will go for less than 1000 pesos even.Girls at hooker discos are generally going to charge more than girls on the street cost.Don’t expect to see any nudity like the bars in Pattaya, it’s completely gone now after all the raids taken place over the past few years and huge crackdowns.If you fancy the look of a girl you can call her down and she will come and sit with you and you can purchase her a ladies drink for anywhere between 120 – 300 PHP, they almost always push the scam of a DLD or Double Ladies Drink where you are forced to pay 300 pesos for the ladies drink.And it’s no secret that many of them are predisposed towards foreign guys, so that makes things a little easier. Anyway, …Read more I have been to a lot of places here in the Phils now, but my recent trip to Palawan was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever made.If you travel around this country for a while, and meet people who have already been to Palawan, they will usually tell you their stories and …Read more A memorable sunset on one of the countless white sand beaches, a dinner with your girlfriend or a wild night out in the bikini bars: It just makes it so much more enjoyable with a cool and tasty beer.

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Often times they just stand there eating their fried chicken ignoring all of the customers in the place.Nothing worse than when after 30 seconds of sex the girl asks ‘why haven’t you cum yet?’ All of the bars on Walking Street Fields Avenue are much more expensive than the girly bars on Perimeter Road.You can jump on a trike to Perimeter from Walking Street but the trike drivers will be demanding at least 100 pesos to take you such a short distance to sit in a tiny tin can cramped taxi.It’s easier to pay 8 pesos and get the little buses that go back and forth every few minutes.

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