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She was later spotted at the New York office of Project Veritas, an organization that targets and attempts to entrap the mainstream news media and left-leaning groups. Gray complained to her store manager after becoming disturbed by Moore's advances.Also, Post reporters discovered a Go Fund Me page on which someone with the same name as the woman stated, "I've accepted a job to work in the conservative media movement to combat the lies and deceipt (sic) of the liberal MSM." Becky Gray said she was 22 and working in men's department of Pizitz in the Gadsden Mall in 1977 when Moore "started coming up to" her, resulting in her repeatedly rejecting his dating offers. Phyllis Smith, who worked at the Gadsden mall, stated that Moore had not approached her personally, but she had seen him talking to other young clerks.Tina Johnson, then 28, said that Moore grabbed her buttocks while she was in his law office to sign documents transferring custody of her son to her mother in 1991.Johnson also said that Moore commented on her looks and it made her feel uncomfortable.I tried to get out and he reached over and locked (the door) and I yelled and told him to stop," Nelson said.

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In the year following the allegations, no criminal charges were issued against Moore, and the issue left the public spotlight.

Allred stated that she and Nelson would welcome an independent expert to view the message, so long as it was accompanied by a senate hearing, and she repeated the request for Moore to testify about the incident under oath.

Nelson asserted that she had no further contact with Moore after the incident.

The case was dismissed later that year when Nelson and her husband attempted to reconcile–before any hearings would have been held before Moore.

Moore's only contact with the case was to have his assistant, Delbra Adams, stamp his signature on a motion to dismiss the case in August.

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