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Di Indonesia, budaya itu akan dikriminalisasi sebagai bentuk pidana."Perkosaan juga perbuatan memasukkan alat kelaminnya ke dalam anus atau mulut orang lain atau perbuatan memasukkan bagian tubuhnya yang bukan alat kelamin atau benda ke dalam alat kelamin atau anus orang lain," kata Prof Gayus Lumbuun.

Women labourers work at a strawberry field on the country side of Kenitra province of Morocco as the world marks the International Women's Day on March 8, 2017.

The factory belongs to Italian industrial vehicle maker Iveco.

Investigators will try and determine whether those who shared the video can be held responsible for her death, the police spokesman said.

( Jalal Morchidi - Anadolu Agency )Dozens of human rights activists took part in a protest march on Sunday in the Spanish city of Huelva, in solidarity with Moroccan women who are victims of sexual harassment.

The move followed the opening of an investigation by the Spanish judiciary after Moroccan women working in the city complained about sexual abuse. NGOs which organised the protest posted a video on social media calling for the work of migrant workers to be monitored for such abuses.

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It is unclear who shared the footage, but so-called "revenge porn," when ex-partners share intimate photos or videos without permission, has become a global problem.

Ivan Cancho, one of her colleagues, told Spanish television that people started looking at her, there were "people who went to see her at her work station to see who the colleague was (in the video), she suffered big pressure." According to Spanish media, the woman was married and had two young children. In a statement, the factory's works council expressed "pain and dismay" on behalf of the employees and denounced "the irresponsible use of social networks which has tragic consequences." The CCOO union, which the woman belonged to, said the incident could constitute sexual harassment and announced it would make a complaint to the health and safety executive to denounce "the company's inaction.""The company, which knew from May 23 that the woman was being harassed by a colleague, did nothing to avoid it," it said in a statement.

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