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Friedrichshainer Plattenbörse @ Jugend(Widerstands)museum zwischen 14.00 uhr und 22.00 Uhr Jugend[widerstands]museum Rigaer Straße 9-10 10247 Berlin DJ´s: Crash 0.1, Christoph Fringeli, Evil Trust, Stanislav, u.a.

Solitek @ Köpi Für Repkosten nach der Besetzung der Schlesi 25 und Kosten gegen eine Abschiebung legen auf: RANZFANZ (Hardtek) PHOBOTEK (Hard DNB/ Hardtek) ZOMBIEFLESHEATER (Breakcore) Do It (Klassik Hardtek/Gabba) Wo: KÖPI - Keller (Köpenicker Strasse 137) Wann: Beginn: 23 Uhr -NO SEXISM - NO RACISM - NO LOOKISM EDUTAINMENT SOLI PARTY @ Kili // Kili, Wiesenweg 5 - 9, Berlin Breakcore and noize for a better tomorrow Christoph Fringeli (praxis rec/datacide) Fobia (Seven Samurai) 190Bpm( Rubbabreakz) Fallout Boy (audiomassive) Tekamin (a_sound) Evil Trust (neuromantic-violations) project infos as video Das Projekt "EDUTAINMENT for the Gully People" in Sierra Leone Worum geht's?

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AUDIO DROME, Canteatro & Kili Zwei Berliner Party-Kollektive vereinen ihre Kräfte für ein Event mit deftiger Rave-Musik auf zwei Floors.

-- the first young adult novel by Jack Cheng -- is told through transcripts of recordings by 11-year-old Alex, a bright, resilient Filipino-American boy who travels alone with his dog from Colorado to New Mexico.

Alex befriends several adults who help him extend his trip to Las Vegas and then Los Angeles as he discovers information about his late father.

There's discussion of a parent's illness and death, and a child is seriously hurt in an accident.

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There's discussion of a parent's illness and death, and a child is seriously hurt in an accident.There's no shame in failing -- what's more important is how you react to failure. Being curious and open to new experiences can lead to life-changing events.Alex is a bubbly, cheerful voice, eager to try new experiences and make friends. He's perceptive and very creative, particularly when he muses on how life on other planets might look, behave, and feel.Inspired by Sagan (recording an EEG meant to be the sound of someone falling in love), Alex talks about wanting to record same-sex couples or people French-kissing.The adults he encounters expose him to some mature settings, including drinking, fighting, relationship drama, and an adult club.

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