Sexy female chatbot

Apple didn’t offer users the option to give Siri a male voice until two years later.Those first impressions stuck; to this day, many people still use female pronouns to refer to Siri.In essence, it’s about using human language, our speech or words to interact with systems, and that the systems themselves learn from our language, behaviour and input.

Although the concept of bots has been around since the 1960s in various forms, it did not really come to exist in the public consciousness until just recently.

A lot of bots are women, but they show behavior which is not necessarily what I would like to see when I think about my daughters.” The New York startup, which spun off from a Silicon Valley research company called SRI International that helped create Siri, developed a banking chatbot called My KAI that launched in 2016 to manage money, track expenses or even answer banking questions.

Available on Facebook Messenger, Slack and text message, the bot can answer questions such as, “How much did I spend on groceries last week,” “How much money do I have in my checking account,” or “What is compound interest?

Tech companies could give users the option to choose a gender for a virtual assistant when they set up their devices, rather than defaulting to a female one, he said.

“Even if you say it’s changeable, by making it a default you’re making a conscious design decision about what most people are going to use,” he said.

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