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Terry Fox run in Kiev To start off our fall break, I attended my first Ukrainian wedding (a marriage between 2 Americans) which included amazing food at a Ukrainian restaurant and a live Ukrainian band.It was the most fun I'd had at a wedding in nearly 20 years (also the first one i've been to since then).

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This scene was stolen and re-used in the infamous film "The Untouchables" several decades later.

I attended the "Jazz in Kiev" festival ( and saw Dave Holland perform to a half empty auditorium, while many people got up to leave in the middle of his performance.

The school has introduced a 'house' system and it this fundraiser became a school-wide competetion between the 4 houses which are named after the four founders of Kiev (based on a Ukrainian legend): Kyi, Khoriv, Lybid and Schek.

My students were so hyped up for the day of the race that they couldn't wait to make signs to support their respective houses (including a couple accidental signs which read "Go Terry Fox").

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