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Subscribe and listen wherever you get your podcasts. Visit Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Gabriel Roth discuss the new season of the podcast Serial, the recent spate of post-#metoo essays by disgraced men, and the Amazon show Forever. Visit What’s it like to be the woman at the helm of one of the most beloved contemporary TV comedies?

On the first episode of Women in Charge, Julia Turner, editor-in-chief of Slate and cohost of the Culture Gabfest, talks to Aline Brosh Mc Kenna, the co-creator, showrunner, and head writer of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, about day-to-day life making a hit TV show. All that and more on Slate's Spoiler Specials.

In Slate Plus: the panel discusses the new trailer for the film CATS. Check out your personalized collection today at Visit Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner discuss the film Peterloo, the newly-streaming classic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion with Slate's Benjamin Frisch, and the legacy of Mad Magazine with Slate's Dan Kois. Visit Over the last half century the decorative pillow has been crowding out our sitting and sleeping spaces, multiplying across our beds and couches decade by decade. In fact, his success made them bigger—one of the definitive pop bands of the 1980s, as Collins’s monstrous drum sound took over pop music. Visit The Culture Gabfest is live from The High Line in New York City to discuss the movie Late Night with Inkoo Kang, the life and work of Dr. movie debate, the pain of writing a book with Sam Anderson, and whether to power through a book you don't like with Willa Paskin. This episode is brought to you by the following advertisers: Helix, a new kind of DNA testing. This month, we go inside the Stockholm music factory—and its decades-long history, from ABBA to Ace of Base—that gave rise to a new generation of millennial pop, from the Backstreet Boys and *N Sync to Robyn and Taylor Swift. new film The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, HBO's Elena Ferrante adaptation My Brilliant Friend, and the art of adaptation. Visit Julia Turner returns with Stephen Metcalf and Dana Stevens to discuss the film Widows, The British import The Bodyguard on Netflix, and the life and work of William Goldman and what the role of screenwriter means today. Visit Podcast production by Danielle Hewitt.

This episode is brought to you by the following advertisers: Slack, a workplace communication hub. Care/Of, a monthly subscription vitamin service that delivers completely personalized vitamin and supplement packs right to your door.

On this episode, we listen to some of the most curious auditory illusions to find out how some of the features of sounds are generated by the human mind, rather than features of the external world. Cheese faced off against its rival, Showbiz Pizza for pizza arcade supremacy. Visit Dana Stevens and Stephen Metcalf are joined by a rotating third chair of Slatesters to discuss Rocketman with Forrest Wickman, HBO's Chernobyl with Sam Adams, and the podcast Headlon: Running From COPS with Inkoo Kang. But in an age when songs sell less than they stream, and hits tend to snowball, will the sun set on the fluky British Christmas No. Email: [email protected] episode is brought to you by Sunbasket, learn more at and get off your first order. Visit Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf, and Julia Turner discuss the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, reappraise the Christmas film classic Love, Actually, and the year in TV. Visit Washington Post columnist, Alexandra Petri. This episode is brought to you by the following advertisers: Slack, the collaboration hub for work. But what it also had was a new kind of tabloid: Us Weekly and its copycats. Listen and subscribe today at This episode is brought to you by the following advertisers: I Travel For, a new podcast that explores what inspires us to travel. Today we uncover the secrets of Ong's Hat, the man behind it, and the new art form it inadvertently birthed. But rap’s elders were not entirely thrilled at these new chart-toppers…and some rappers literally bum-rushed the show. Visit movie starring Amandla Stenberg based on the best selling novel by Angie Thomas.

The illusions reveal something deep about some of the most treasured human endeavors, including music and language. Visit What do they make of the movie’s take on “diversity hires”? The foot soldiers in the pizza war were the animatronic bands that staffed each location—including The King. Brad Pitt leaving Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie would have been a huge Hollywood scandal no matter when it happened, but it became an even bigger one because it was turbocharged by these tabloids. Listen and subscribe today at Check out our showpage at This episode is brought to you by the following advertisers: Aleph Mattresses, a handmade mattress experience: Trust Slack, a workplace communication hub. This episode is brought to you by the following advertisers: Slack, a workplace communication hub. I Travel For, a new podcast that explores what inspires us to travel. This episode is brought to you by I Travel For, a new podcast that explores what inspires us to travel. Visit③ Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the new film Private Life, then are joined by Slate's Gabriel Roth to discuss the legacy of Doctor Who and its new season starring Jodie Whitaker, and finally a reading of Kanye West at the White House.

This month’s Hit Parade offers a new take on Woodstock: To understand its legacy, you have to look at the charts long after August 1969. Visit June Thomas, Benjamin Frisch, and Rachelle Hampton discuss Richard Linklater's Where'd You Go Bernadette, HBO's A Black Lady Sketch Show, and Slate's list of the 25 most important characters of the past 25 Years with Forrest Wickman. Visit Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the new, third film in the John Wick saga, the second season of Amazon's Fleabag, and the New York Times package on generation X and the concept of generations as a useful metric. Does the laughable extremism of the violence in the movie, excuse the actual violence in the movie? They chat about how the film helped popularize the contentious term we continue to hear today, Bergman's Oscar-winning performance, and their favorite scenes. Visit When you think of Stevie Wonder’s legendary career, what chart-toppers come to mind? You may not know that Wonder had only one Hot 100 No. Austin Collins discuss the film Bohemian Rhapsody, the bonkers true crime documentary Abducted in Plain Sight, and the death of the Mars rover Opportunity. What does this show have to say about New York City? Her primary focus is the health needs and social welfare experiences of low-income women.

Chris Molanphy counts down 10 acts—some of them music legends, some of them short-lived hitmakers—who were materially boosted by the festival: from a guy hanging out backstage who got shoved onstage by desperate show organizers; to the band who loathed the whole experience yet saw their albums reach new chart heights; to the young man who arrived with no discography but kicked off one of the longest hitmaking careers in rock history. and why the show’s popularity doesn’t seem to be waning any time soon. In Slate Plus, the panel adds their own picks to the important characters list. Check out your personalized collection today at Visit, HBO’s wonderful drama about the lives of the superrich Roy family, so every Monday we’ll be discussing the previous night’s episode with spoiler-filled glee. In Slate Plus, the panel each recommend a piece of gen X art. Visit directed by Barbara Loden. This podcast will soon be available for Slate Plus members only. Are stunt dogs really that talented or was that CGI? Julia Turner, Stephen Metcalf, and Dana Stevens discuss Avengers: Endgame with Marvel-ologist Jamelle Bouie, the FX series Fosse/Verdon, and the dispute between Hollywood writers and agents with the screenwriter and Scriptnotes co-host John August. Visit podcast, Sam Adams, Willa Paskin, and Daniel Schroeder recap the third episode of season 8, “The Long Night.” The three chat about the long-awaited battle at Winterfell, what they thought about the deaths, the problem with Bran, what they expect next, and the Worst Person in Westeros. Visit Videomate: Men is a VHS tape released in 1987 featuring 60 single men pitching themselves as dates to women on the other side of the TV screen, who could connect to these eligible bachelors from the comfort of their homes. Visit Spin̈al Tap was right: Death sells. Visit Julia Turner and Dana Stevens are joined by The Atlantic film critic and co-host of the Blank Check podcast David Sims to discuss Tim Burton's remake of Dumbo, the life and work of Agnès Varda, and the social media kerfuffle over "St. 1 in his first decade—as “Little” Stevie Wonder—and it was truly exceptional, as in bizarre: a semi-improvised live recording of a “12 Year-Old Genius” refusing to leave a Chicago stage and say goodnight. To skip our spoiler segment on Abducted in Plain Sight, skip ahead to timecode . The individual(s) who have written and created the content in and whose images appear in the articles, profiles, podcasts and videos from the Life Effects program may have been paid by Teva Pharmaceuticals for their contributions.

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