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This style of speed networking is best-conducted mid-way through, or towards the end, of the day.This allows attendees to go into depth about issues they have already heard about during the day’s sessions.Allow for enough space to either side of the chairs, so a conversation can be held despite the loud noise level expected.If space is scarce, set up two chairs on each side of a coffee table.Encourage your attendees to pre-select up to 6 experts they would be interested in networking with.Have a computer assign time-slots, and tables for each attendee, and communicate the details!Then, communicate to attendees the speed networking rules.

This format is ideal for smaller conferences and those events with little time for the speed networking slot. This method gives attendees the chance to initiate one-on-one business relationships, or potential co-operation, with individuals and not to mention, it’s an excellent way to generate business leads.

Your team, or a computer, can assign the time slots.

Remember to communicate the time and location of this session to your attendees!

“Sean led our school faculty through a half day team building workshop. Not only did we share some laughs, we also were able to set a tone of positive teamwork for the upcoming school year.

I HIGHLY recommend Sean to bring his positive message to your school or company.” We remember what we experience!

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