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If you're going to talk high tech, get the language down first, since this script reveals ignorance beyond big data and wop wop. is that type of vile cultural product that adds more fuel to a mediascape already saturated with sexism travestied in mere horniness. If I had it my way I would direct or be in front of the camera doing what I’m doing. Producing is something I was kind of forced to do trying to get my own stuff going.It’s invested in the same project—excusing heterosexual males’ objectification of women as a commendable and natural necessity—as something like . for some sexual content Three bachelors set up a speed dating scheme to attract women and money.The plan runs into problems when they are denied a liquor license and an ex-girlfriend attempts to expose the scam.I wasn’t 100% onboard with the film’s score, which dips into “Home Alone” territory with some of the music cues, and some of the acting from the non-leads can be pretty painful to watch, though the film does establish an over-the-top style early on that makes the lesser talented actors seem less like they’re trying too hard.

Not that Too Cool (the very hot Wesley Jonathan), Dog (Chico Benymon), and Beaver (Leonard Robinson) are Luddites nostalgic for pre-Craigslist modes of cruising, or that straight folk get the sexual technology memo rather late in the game.Rating: R (for some sexual content) Genre: Comedy Directed By: Joseph A. Too Cool is the main player of the group, easily wooing the ladies back to the bedroom while Dog is your typical chauvinist pig and Beaver is… Everything is working out fine, until the health inspector (an overweight, body-painted-blue Chris Elliott) denies their club a liquor license unless it is brought up to code, and the guys start to find themselves falling for a few of their conquests. “Speed-Dating” is a funny movie, along the lines of New Zealand’s romantic comedy “Sione’s Wedding.” While not all of the bits seem to connect perfectly (there is definitely the feeling of some scenes existing solely for the jokes contained within them), at least the narrative slides make you laugh. TOMATOMETER Critics 25% | Audience 40% October 2, 2010 / “Speed-Dating” tells the tale of three bachelors, Too Cool (Wesley Jonathan), Beaver (Leonard Robinson) and Dog (Chico Benymon), who spend their evenings putting on fake “speed dating” events in a effort to get large quantities of women together that they can then pick-and-choose from (while also making some money off the unwitting male and female participants). Why is Chris Elliott blue, and is that Clint Howard scamming on chicks?While the women for consumption on display come in different shapes, sizes, and races, the local club appears as the only space for sociality for African-American men, who turn taking advantage of women’s bodies and women’s bank accounts (they live off of a rich aunt suffering from Alzheimer’s) into their fulltime job. Milton D ***½ December 24, 2012 good movie, once again the critics crucify a good movies. We all are college friends who were really close at one time and as we get older and move on with our lives we lose contact.

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