Sri lanka sex

Englishman John Knox, who by this time had lived in the country for twenty years and spoke fluent Sinhala, wrote about the King of Kandy; “Most of his Attendants are Boyes, and Young Men, that are well favoured, and of good Parentage.

For the supplying himself with these, he gives order to his Dissava’s or Governors of the countreys to pick and choose out Boyes, that are comely and of good Descent, and send them to the Court.

For example, homosexuality is found in the case of a monk, called Wakkali, who became a monk because he was so attracted to how handsome Buddha was.

There is also a case where a novice monk masturbated to a high ordained monk.

The conservative government later announced that the Constitution of Sri Lanka bans discrimination based on sexual orientation.

It also updated its human rights action plan to advance further rights for LGBT.

It was consequently followed by an announcement from the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka that it would not be able to enforce the criminal law Section 365A if a case was brought before it.

Homosexuality in Sri Lanka consists of males who have homosexual sex with other males on the island-state of Sri Lanka.

It also references the history of homosexual sex on the island during its history as Ceylon and as part of various continental kingdoms during pre-colonial times.

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