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Since the Enterprise isn't app based, Data writes an algorithm. The challenge was to write a story about them using a dating app.A real relationship is as organic as the people who have it, and you cannot replicate it. So someone who was not currently involved in the survey -- that eliminated the entire sciences division, people currently on the bridge or in engineering, and all of sickbay' staff. He enjoyed having that friendship as it was, after all that had gone before. Stop exchanging messages with this anonymous member of his crew. Not get the other person's hopes up any more than he already had. There was a planet below, glowing green and blue and white, and he watched the white, clouds in the atmosphere, move slowly across the continents between. After he deleted that one unopened as well, he returned to the reports.I disagree -- the chances of a real match are present, but determined by the ineffable qualities of the people who make it. Sometimes things happen to us in space that make me wonder why I joined Starfleet. Beverly was doing a complete cleanout -- all her staff were moving things around, running a localized baryon sweep using handheld units to completely sterilize everything from the biobeds to the nooks and crannies in the cabinets, to the full inventory of instruments and devices. And then he shook himself -- what a fool he was, thinking he could simply treat this as a puzzle to solve. When he came back from his wandering in thought, as the concerto ended, he turned to sit once more and noticed a response. Half an hour later a third arrived, and he stared at the anonymous header for a minute before deleting that one as well.

I am glad that you found it useful." There was an unusual lilt to the android's voice.

The idea of using a computer to match yourself with someone else." Her amusement wasn't like Will's; she seemed to also be sad, perhaps, or weary. "You're annoyed that the algorithm matched you to someone who is using it.

Or perhaps she was reflecting his own feelings back at him. Did you tell them you didn't want to participate, then? "Whoever it is does not give up easily.""Have you figured out who it is yet? "Because it's what you always do, solve the mystery.

You are sitting in your chair, wondering whether this message is from someone you know. This is not exactly the kind of thing you do, ever, and so you have to wonder why someone else would write this, to someone they do not yet know.

Perhaps the chances are the same, whether you meet me for dinner on a holodeck after we exchange messages, or whether we already know each other, and you never answer this and we end up together anyway.

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