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Users should always review privacy settings when opening a new social network.Users may want to consider switching settings to a friends only option to help prevent an unwanted contact.The games functions are also popular with games including the ‘Pets’ game.According to Tagged.com; “The Pets game is a unique feature that allows you to ‘own’, ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ other members like a fantasy team.The site has been mentioned in a number of cases involving online predators and minors, in the U. Again users should be careful with regard to whom they speak and they should ensure they are happy with privacy settings and terms of use before using the service. We do not recommend this site for teens or any one under 18.If you are worried, ask your child if he/she is signed up to the site.Dating games on Hentai GO offer you to meet and fuck young and pretty girls, beautiful student, but also gorgeous milf.The aime of a dating game is to chat with a girl by choosing the good answers when you have choices.

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Similar to other dating apps/services, allows you to meet people by age, location interest and more.

Initially the service was set up for users under 18 and was a popular meeting site for teens.

However, following criticism and reports of inappropriate content, the terms of service now state users must be over 18 to register for the site, since February 2014.

You can compete with all your Friends to see who can gain the highest value or just buy and sell Pets as you meet cool new people in the game!

” Please note in-app purchases are also available, users can purchase app currency for games and also gain additional functionality within the app – for example to see who viewed your profile.

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