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Fifth in the world, South Africa have featured at eight World Cups to date.

They experienced the thrill of playing in our host city when they took part in the Quad Series earlier this year against England, Australia and New Zealand.

Once a player has caught the ball, they have 3 seconds to pass it on again or score a goal.

If they fail to pass to another player on their team within this time, a penalty is given to the other team.

The goal defence player made her World Cup debut in Sydney in 2015 and also plays in the Australian domestic league for Sunshine Coast Lightning.

When Pretorius isn’t playing netball she is drinking coffee and has just completed her masters degree in dietetics.

However, the defending player must be at least 3 feet away from the player with the ball, otherwise the umpire will pull her up for obstruction.

Taking this to a teaching level, I feel that this would be an ideal way of introducing topics like area, perimeter, circumference, diameter and radius of a circle.

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Dimensions of the Court: A netball court is split into thirds, which are each 10.14 metres long, making the whole court 30.5 metres (100ft) long. The centre circle in the middle of the court is 3 feet in diameter which is also the exact distance a player needs to be from their opponent when marking them when they have the ball.Van Dyk hit the phenomenal 200-Test mark in 2011 and retired from the sport three years later in 2014 aged 42.Ones to watch: Bongi Msomi was roped into her first game of netball as a substitute for her local team who were a player short.This could mean that it takes great hand-eye coordination and skill to be able to catch a netball with one hand which players quite often have to do.Timings: A netball match is 60 minutes long and is split into quarters, which are each 15 minutes long.

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