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In October 1993, Danson was the toastmaster at the Friar's Club roast of girlfriend Goldberg.

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The roasts didn’t become televised until the late 60s and Danson’s infamous act, fortunately or unfortunately depending on your opinion, was not aired.

“I consider myself a family man, partially because my parents did it so damn well,” said Danson to Closer Weekly about his parents’ nearly 40-year marriage.

During his early acting days, Danson was previously married to college sweetheart Randall Gosch from 1970 until 1975.

MARY STEENBURGEN WOULD ' SIGN UP FOR 100 MORE LIFETIMES' The pair endured a terrifying time when Coates nearly died from a stroke while giving birth to their daughter Kate Danson in 1979.

Danson, who is also a father to daughter Alexis Danson with Coates, put his acting career on hold to care for his wife.

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