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Tegan Quin, a college freshman, gives a shot at figuring out her true identity using her music to reach the ones she desires the most.Sara Clement, an aspiring teacher, notices the young student, and tries to understand the complexity behind her.Well, you’re always going to write about what you’re feeling. Do you think rock stars have a certain responsibility for how their content affects their fans, or do you also enjoy artists who write stuff that’s just fun?

I think that if you feel compelled to do it, you should do it.Because at the end of the day, I didn’t want to necessarily be in a political band.I didn’t want to use music as a vehicle to talk about those things.Through she'd always been interested in photography, even as a child, she didn't first begin to take it seriously until 2000 when her employer at the time, High Speed Productions, asked her to document events for a magazine.She has been the photographer behind photo books like Vans' Off the Wall: Stories of the Sole and Tegan & Sara's On, In, At. Though she is primarily known for her photography of musicians, both on and off stage, she has also photographed actresses like Elisha Cuthbert and Aubrey Plaza.

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