Tender fields dating

They want you to think real women are contacting you so then you will want to purchase a membership.

The end result of course is the owners of Tender Meets make boatloads of money off of your hard work.

So if you’re wondering why you got inundated with so many email messages now you know.

The answer is that it’s all fake and it’s used for this reason.

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This is as we’ve already mentioned where they discuss all of their dastardly dirty tricks that they used on their own members.

Below we’ve taken a screenshot and included it as evidence.

This is a screenshot of our own profile page and as you can see circle in red we haven’t uploaded a photo to our dating profile page.

One of the primary methods used by fake dating sites Is to send people bogus email messages. If you don’t have any experience with fake dating sites it’s easy to get conned.

These emails look like they’re being written and sent by local women who are seeking casual sex.

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