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A device designed to prevent reverse flow in a water system. Also the common term for a combination of two adjacent check valves, that prevent backflow of closed-loop system water from getting back into the public water supply and causing contamination.Occurs when internal heat gain equals recovered heat and no external heat is introduced to the conditioned space.

This is not desirable as it can lead to corrosion, safety hazards, or property damage.

Maintaining balance may require raising the temperature of recovered heat.

Many, if not most, systems do not have balanced heat recovery over time (e.g., during unoccupied periods or extreme cold) and require supplemental heat to overcome heat losses.** A flexible rubber component, traditionally used around mechanical equipment and pumps for vibration attenuation.

The mechanism of a chiller that compresses refrigerant to increase its temperature and pressure, thereby enabling heat transfer in the condenser of an air conditioning system.

Also refers to a piece of equipment that compresses air for use with pneumatic tools or controls.

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