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Nancy notices a figure behind Barb in Jonathan's photo, which Jonathan realizes matches his mother's description of the Demogorgon.Nancy tells the police about Barb’s disappearance, admitting to her mother that she slept with Steve.Eleven reveals to Mike that “bad people” are looking for her and, after recognizing Will in a photo and demonstrating her telekinesis, convinces the boys to trust her, as they believe that she could help them find Will.Using the Dungeons & Dragons board, Eleven indicates that Will is on the ‘Upside Down’ side of the board and is being hunted by the ‘Demogorgon’ (the creature).The series was created by The Duffer Brothers who are also executive producers along with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen.

Tearing away the wallpaper, she sees him behind an organic membrane.Mike agrees to let her sleep in his basement that night.Will’s brother Jonathan visits his estranged father Lonnie in Indianapolis to search for Will, but Lonnie rebuffs him.Hopper’s search party discovers a scrap of Eleven’s hospital gown near the lab.Mike’s sister Nancy and her friend Barbara 'Barb' Holland go to a party with Nancy’s boyfriend Steve Harrington.

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