Top ten intimidating songs

Throughout the ages, human beings have chosen to celebrate and commiserate with the aid of music.It doesn’t matter whether you’re listening to the current top 40, or singing a song from the last millennium.Listen to a song long enough (especially a catchy and upbeat song), and you will inevitably find yourself singing along to it.

Active repetition of learning via song lyrics will help strengthen your memory skills overtime.Well, it’s because music engages certain parts of your brain that spoken language doesn’t.So, you’re more likely to remember foreign words, if you hear them in a song, rather than in conversation.When people try to tell me that particular languages are hard to learn, I’ll argue back until I’m blue in the face. Because when it comes to difficulty, I think all languages are created equal. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to oil the wheels of learning with a bit of fun.I love music and often incorporate it into my language learning process. For me, studying from grammar textbooks can be quite dull at times.

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