Twin dating scan

I was told my levels were "great." Then at the 20 week ultrasound we saw two girls! This is my 5th pregnancy and I was the most sick this time around. You mentioned you were having lower left abdominal pain? They didn't do an ultrasound(dont get one until 9wks). But she doesn't think it's related to the pregnancy bcz the pain isn't below my belly button.By 11 weeks i'd gained 14 lbs, despite lack of appetite and extreme nausea. Basically almost everything about this twin pregnancy has been different from my previous 4. What did your pain end up being and did it go away?For instance, my first HCG level was 245 followed by 361 two days later. My friend's first level was 1,000 followed by 18,000 and she has one baby.There was someone recently on the fertility treatments board who had a level of 50,000 and is pregnant with only one baby.Our doctor, a fertility specialist and looking for Two babies (since we had IVF and had transferred two embryos) missed one baby at a 6 weeks 4 days scan.. Original poster- when I went to my first ob appointment, the ob told me a story of a young woman transferred to my ob two weeks earlier.We saw one sac one baby and thought only one had taken.. A teenager found out she was preggo, went in for her ultrasound(at a different Ob). When she came in the next time, the OB saw two so they transferred her to my OB (good track record with multiples).I never had any of these issues with my son so just wondering if dr could have missed a baby? My doctor missed one of my twins on u/s at 12 wks 2 days. Like a pp already said, anything is possible, but it's not really probable.Also, HCG levels aren't a good indicator for multiples, as different women have a varying range of levels for singletons and multiples.

The pain was definitely where i normally feel round ligament pain, even though the ER NP and my midwife told me it was too early for that. I'd been having round ligmament pain at that point anyway.

Sorry to bug y'all but I was just wondering if anybody has had an ultrasound at 7-8 weeks and only seen one baby only to later realize it was twins?

I had hcg levels of 43,000 at 6 weeks and have had MS since like 4 weeks.....have been having cramps on and off the whole time and spotted red for 3 days but dr said all looked good! My doc said that had never happened to her before though so I don't think it's very common. We clearly saw two sacs, two babies, and two heartbeats at 6 weeks.

The night before i went to the ER i rolled over in bed and had such bad stabbing pain in that area that it took my breath away! I am still convinced it was growing pains from two babies. I had an ultrasound at 7 wks and 11 wks and was told it was only one.

A week later at 12 wks I went to a different office for the NT genetic screening and found out it was identical twins.

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